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The Florida Supervisors of Elections (FSE) is proud to once again offer scholarship opportunities to students from around the state. Three scholarships in the amount of $1,200 each will be awarded in 2020. The winning students will be announced and recognized at the FSE Summer Conference to be held next May.

Applicants must be registered voters in Florida who have lived in the state for at least the preceding two years and have maintained at least a “C” average. Applicants must have been accepted or enrolled as a full-time student in a senior college or university in Florida and completed two years of junior college or undergraduate work. Students who apply must be either a Political Science, Public/Business Administration, or Journalism/Mass Communication major.

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is February 28th, 2020. Applications must be submitted to the elections office of the county in which you are registered to vote. Each county will select one finalist to send to the FSE Scholarship Committee for consideration. 




To be eligible for the FSE Scholarship the student applicant shall:

  1. Be either a Political Science/Public or Business administration or Journalism/Mass Communication major. 
  2. Have been a bona fide resident of Florida for two years preceding the academic year for which an application is made. 
  3. Be enrolled or accepted as a full-time student in a senior college or university in Florida. No postgraduate or second-degree students. 
  4. Have finished two years of junior college or undergraduate work (enough credits for enrollment as a junior). 
  5. Submit two current letters of recommendation: one from the college or university last attended or graduated from; and one from a citizen of good standing in the community. 
  6. Submit a resume of your high school and/or college activities as well as what you have done for your community. 
  7. Demonstrate a financial need and furnish a financial statement, which shows what your own contribution is to your educational expenses. (Student does not have to submit an official form, can just send a statement of their financial need.)
  8. Have maintained a "C" average or above for the previous year.
  9. Be available for personal interview by the Supervisor of Elections in the county where you are registered to vote.
  10. Be registered to vote in Florida. 





Scholarship must be given to students attending a Florida university or college which is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 


Congratulations to Palm Beach County's Alison Cole! Alison is a selected recipient of the 2020 FSE Scholarship and we are proud to be her home town. 

“The FSE Scholarship Committee had a difficult task as this year’s pool of applicants was truly outstanding “said FSE Scholarship Committee Chair Terry Vaughan (Bradford County SOE). “ The four who made the top of the list are amazing students who will no doubt make a lasting mark in public service.”

Photo of Alison Cole