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Many voters choose to cast their vote on Election Day!

On Election Day, you must vote at the polling place that is assigned to your precinct and your ballot will be there waiting for you. 



You can find your assigned precinct number and assigned polling location address either on your Voter Information Card, sample ballot, calling the Supervisor of Elections Office at (561) 656-6200, or by visiting the FIND BY ADDRESS link below.

On Election Day, polls are open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

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Florida Law requires all voters to provide a valid photo and signature ID before you can vote. Note: Acceptable forms of identification can be combined to produce photo/signature ID (example: a credit card with voter's signature along with a student ID showing voter's photo). 

Acceptable Photo ID Florida Voters:

  • Florida Driver License
  • Florida ID Card (issued by DHSMV)
  • U.S. Passport
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Military ID
  • Student ID
  • Retirement Center ID
  • Neighborhood Association ID
  • Public Assistance ID
  • Veteran Health ID (issued by the US Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Concealed Weapon License (issued pursuant to F.S. 790.06)
  • Employee ID card issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of the Federal Government, the state, a county, or a municipality.

If you do not bring acceptable ID, you may still vote, however, you will be required to vote a provisional ballot, which will later be evaluated by a canvassing board for eligibility.





If you choose to cast your ballot at the polls on Election Day, once you arrive at the polling location assigned to your precinct, you will be greeted by a Poll Worker who will recommend you have your photo and signature identification ready to present at check-in.

If you received a Vote-by-Mail ballot but have decided to vote in person instead, your Vote-by-Mail ballot will be cancelled and you will be issued a regular ballot.


  • At check-in, a Poll Worker will smile and promptly welcome you.
  • Then, the Poll Worker will ask to see your acceptable form of identification.
  • Once your information is confirmed, the Poll Worker will provide you with a printed ticket for you to present to the Ballot Inspector, who will verify the precinct and party on the printed ticket to select your ballot from the proper stack.
  • Receive your paper ballot and proceed to a privacy booth or the ADA-compliant ExpressVote unit.
  • Using the black pen provided in the booth, fill in the oval adjacent to each of your selection of your choice. The ballot may have two sides and or multiple pages. Please check both sides of your ballot. A voter using the ExpressVote unit will make their selection via touchpad or touchscreen.
  • Review your selections.
  • Take your ballot in the secrecy sleeve provided to the DS200 Precinct Scanner unit.
  • If you have any questions, ask a Poll Worker before you insert the ballot in the scanner. Once the ballot has been accepted, it cannot be retrieved.
  • Insert your ballot into the DS200 Precinct Scanner unit feeder.
  • The scanner will record your vote and your ballot will be stored in the locked ballot box.


To learn more about the ExpressVote Program, please click on this link.


Our Poll Workers are training to assist you and guide you through the process. If you are interested in learning more about a great opportunity to serve your community, earn money, and be involved in the democratic process please visit our Poll Worker page for more information.