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Become a Poll Worker in Palm Beach County


Palm Beach County Poll Workers are highly trained individuals who are active voters serving their community and local government proudly. It takes over 5,000 Election Day Workers at over 350 locations in the county to run a successful Election Day. 

The Supervisor of Elections Office is currently looking for civic-minded individuals that interact well with the public. We rely on our Poll Workers to efficiently assist voters through the entire voting experience in a pleasant and professional manner. If you are friendly, can confidently work with voters, and would like to learn more about the electoral process, please apply today!

Become a Poll Worker and help others exercise their right to vote while earning extra money and making new friends! If you would like to join our team, please read below and familiarize yourself with the various positions, and the training that we offer. 

All of our Poll Worker positions are paid!

 Learn more by clicking the buttons to review the requirements, positions, and to submit an application!






Before becoming a Poll Worker in Palm Beach County, you must attend a one-hour orientation session that provides an overview of the process. By law, all Poll Workers are required to complete training before each election. Training is a combination of online and in-person courses at various locations throughout Palm Beach County. 





Once you've submitted your application, a member of our Poll Worker Department will contact you. To follow up on a submitted application, or if you have any questions, please contact the Poll Worker Department by calling (561) 656-6200 option 3, or by email to pollworker@votepalmbeach.gov.