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Each organization participating in our Adopt-A-Precinct (AAP) program will need a designated Coordinator that will serve as the liaison between the organization and the Supervisor of Elections office. 

The Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Communicating with the Adopt-A-Precinct Supervisor. 
  • Recruiting members of their organization that are registered to vote in Palm Beach County to serve as Poll Workers for each election and complete a roster.
  • Submitting the AAP agreement and other required paperwork by the assigned deadline.
  • Verifying that the Poll Workers submit an application to become a Poll Worker, attend Orientation, and the Training required by Florida law.
  • Verifying attendance of all Poll Workers on Election Day.


The Coordinator often serves as the Clerk of the precinct.

The Clerk manages all operations at the polling place to ensure the voting process is administered in accordance with Florida Election Law and the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections' policies and procedures. On Election Day, the Clerk manages the team of Poll Workers and is responsible for ensuring that all Poll Workers fulfill their duties. The Clerk processes provisional voters, resolves voter challenges, completes affirmations, and is responsible for the accurate completion of all ballot accounting forms. The Clerk has additional responsibilities prior to Election Day. 

The Assistant Clerk supports the Clerk and shares their duties as needed. The Assistant Clerk shall step in as the Clerk if the Clerk is unable to perform his or her duties. 

The Voting System Technician (VST) is responsible for the voting equipment and successful transmission of results. The VST has additional responsibilities prior to Election Day. 

An Inspector has a few different roles on Election Day. An EViD Inspector processes voters to verify voter eligibility, issues the voter their voting pass, and directs the voter to the Ballot Inspector to receive their ballot. A Ballot Inspector reviews the voters voting pass and distributes the correct ballot in a secrecy sleeve and reconciles the ballots at the end of Election Day.

Deputy maintains peace and good order on the outside of the polling place, assists in marking the no-solicitation zone, ensures compliance with the no-solicitation zone, and ensures that the polling room is accessible to all voters.




Clerk: $375.00

Assistant Clerk: $250.00

VST: $290.00

Inspector: $230.00

Precinct Deputy: $200.00


*Rate of pay is a flat rate that includes election day and training.If you retired from an FRS employer less than one year ago, working as a poll worker may jeopardize your FRS pension. Contact the Florida Retirement System at 1-866-446-9377 to verify how working as a poll worker may affect your FRS benefits.